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Handcrafted Wooden Treasures

Handcrafted Wooden Treasures
We offer a distinctive collection of handmade products, ranging from attractive, utilitarian objects to elegant and graceful display pieces. We believe that everyday items like pens, cutting boards, and storage boxes should be beautiful as well as functional.
When you grant even the most mundane objects the warmth and refinement that only finely- finished wood can deliver, the humdrum moments of your day are transformed. The commonplace is made less common, and your life is improved in small little ways.
The Vineyard Details Collection starts with the finest domestic and tropical hardwoods. We lovingly craft these into memorable objects using ancient techniques and modern methods. Our lovely, handcrafted items make excellent gifts for anyone that appreciates how sublime the ordinary can be.
Handmade Wooden Bowls and Platters
Ceramics are fine but imagine awakening to morning sunlight glinting off of the hand rubbed finish on warm, wooden kitchenware. Each of our pieces tells a unique story because no two are alike. Differences in color, grain patterns, and finishing give life to our hand-turned bowls. We offer them in a number of sizes to suit your needs.
Our collection also includes serving platters, lazy susans, and cutting boards ornate enough to grace the table at your next dinner party, but subtle enough for everyday use. We pride ourselves on fine details, and many of our products include elegant wood inlays and delicate striping.
No matter your aesthetic, we have something for you. From cool ash to black walnut, the reds of cherry to the pinkish browns of Bradford pear, nature’s palette contains colors to complement any kitchen. And of course, we use only food-safe finishes on our kitchen items so you can buy confidently.
Graceful Wooden Boxes
Meaningful personal objects deserve an appropriately memorable home. Our handsome wooden boxes are the perfect places to store the memories you’ve accumulated throughout your life.Recipes that have been handed down across the generations will find their rightful home in one of our stylish yet whimsical silver spoon-handled recipe boxes. Store fine foods in our kitchen canisters that double as conversation pieces. Complete your bedroom decor with a handcrafted jewelry chest music box, lined with elegant nylon flocking. As with our kitchenware, we introduce subtle design elements with inlaid patterns and sumptuous finishes.
Show the people you care for the most that you’re thinking about them with a wooden gift created just for them. We’re happy to add personalized engravings to any of our wooden boxes. You need only ask.
Hand-Turned Wooden Pens
Before email, typewriters, and even printing presses, there was the humble pen. Handmade wooden pens recall the elegance of this bygone era when writing implements were valued keepsakes as well as critical instruments for communication.
We embrace the pen as decoration. Our collection features a striking array of natural colors, from white holly to Bethlehem olive, and includes the same subtle detailing that graces many of our other products. Our pens are always hand-turned, luxuriously finished, and polished to a warmth that honors the natural variation in the wood.
If you’re interested in a personalized writing instrument, ask about our laser engraving options.


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