It becomes a thing of beauty – Vineyard details


It becomes a thing of beauty

Vineyard Details: Store Your Treasures in My Vineyard Boxes.I just love seeing tight joinery. That is one of the central features of everything that I make. It goes far past it's function of holding 2 or more pieces of wood together. It becomes a thing of beauty. Another thing that I think about when making a piece is it's overall shape as opposed to overly complex features which take away from the pieces simplistic beauty. The third of the three aspects which are fundamental in everything I make is the feel of the finish. The finish has to feel every bit as good as it looks.Eric Lakso of Vineyard Details  describes himself as more of a mechanic than an artist. The woodworker and designer of intricate, handmade wooden gifts “never makes the same thing twice.” A career carpenter, Eric evolved his building skills into creating functional wooden art perfect for decorating the many Island homes he’s built. With Vineyard Details, Eric offers unique one-of-a-kind boxes, children’s picnic tables, footstools, bandsaw boxes, humidors, and custom-made pieces. The items are expertly crafted to stand the test of time. After selecting high-quality wood to craft his items, Eric uses a variety of products to enhance the grain any d provide a high-gloss appearance to his pieces when finishing. As he describes it, “Finishing is the most variable and potentially complex part of woodworking. I easily spend the majority of time in my builds in finishing


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