I am not what some term a “production” wood turner.  This simply means, to me, that I do not derive my living wage from this activity.  More likely, I spend a good deal of my wage to support my habit by purchasing tools and materials.  Instead, I do this sort of work because I enjoy it.  Completing a pen or bowl that looks and feels good makes me feel good, it creates a sense of happiness inside my being.  And, I hope, some of that happiness and satisfaction transfers to whoever uses or owns one of the items I have made.



If you are friend or family member, you probably have something I have made, or you soon will.  Some of the items I make are incredibly sentimental to me, usually because of the source or identity of the material.  Many other items I make because it was fun and because I enjoyed the activity.  I wouldn’t be opposed to parting with those items and over time I will actively populate this site with items that you can choose to purchase if you like what you see.  My pricing principles would probably make a true business person insane, but what I propose to charge is simply what I have in the piece (materials, hardware if any, finishes, some measure of time and effort, and shipping to get it to you), and as a consequence of that, you may well find that owning a unique and one of a kind pen, bowl, bottle stopper, or other item becomes more afforda

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