Bethlehem Olive Magnetic Cap Rollerball pen

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24 Carrot Bethlehem Olive wood Rollerball Pen

Handmade wooden pens recall the elegance of an earlier era, when writing instruments were valued for their gravitas and sense of balance between thumb and forefinger. Our collection draws from a striking array of natural colors, from white holly to Bethlehem olive

Our best-selling wooden rollerball pens. If you are looking for a wood pen, these are the most popular to give as gifts. Our wood rollerballs are rustic, elegant, yet surprisingly modern. These hand turned writing instruments offer a luxurious writing experience without the learning curve of a fountain pen. Perfect for any writer, you will LOVE our wood rollerball pens.
Regardless of what the computer manufacturers say, handwriting is far from being a lost art. Hand crafted pens and pencils are still very popular among consumers and crafters. In fact, pen turning is one of the fastest growing woodworking hobbies.

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Bethlehem Olive Magnetic Cap Rollerball pen
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