Cocobolo twist pen Cocobolo twist pen

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Cocobolo twist pen

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Cocobolo, One of today's most prized wood for its outstanding color and figure, handmade wooden gifts,handmade wooden pens.  Our handmade wooden pens will speak volumes about any entrepreneur.

Handmade wooden pens recall the elegance of an earlier era, when writing instruments were valued for their gravitas and sense of balance between thumb and forefinger. Our collection draws from a striking array of natural colors, from white holly to Bethlehem olive. Or consider the pizzazz of tropical hardwoods arranged in a herringbone pattern. Our finishes include CA glue and oil, with friction polish bringing out the very heart of the forest. Some of our pens feature the Vineyard Details logo and the island outline of Martha’s Vineyard. For a more personalized writing instrument, ask about our laser engraving option.