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There's no better way to honor the occasion

When a loved one is getting married, moving house or celebrating a birthday, there’s no better way to honor the occasion than with handmade wooden gifts—one-of-a-kind pieces as unique as that special person. The Vineyard Details collection starts with domestic and tropical hardwoods. We combine ancient woodworking skills with hand-held high-tech tools to create objets d’art that serve a function. Our turned bowls will have an honored place in any kitchen. Our handmade wooden pens will speak volumes about any entrepreneur. Our music boxes will brighten any nursery—while reinforcing fond memories of the thoughtful gift-giver.

Handmade Wooden Bowls and Platters

Handcrafted and polished to a warm glow, our bowls will make the most Epicurean delight look even better. Choose from an array of sizes and shapes to dress up a salad, serve hors d’oeuvres or simply grace a granite countertop. Our collection also features handcrafted Lazy Susans, platters and boards perfect for displaying sushi, serving sandwiches or chopping veggies. Some of our bowls and platters include such decorative touches as inlaid striping and the logo of Vineyard Details. Mother Nature blesses our products with a broad color spectrum, ranging from cool ash to black walnut, from cherry to Bradford pear. We use only food-safe finishes on our kitchen items.

Handmade Wooden Boxes

What better place to store personal treasures than a handmade wooden box? The Vineyard Details collection includes containers for treasured family recipes, kitchen canisters for exotic spices or comfort food and jewelry chests doubling as music boxes. Many pieces are inlaid with such decorative touches as stars, silver string, the compass rose and the outline of Martha’s Vineyard—home to our collection and to the respected Vineyard Artisan Group. With an eye for whimsy, we’ve decorated our recipe box with a sterling silver spoon. Nylon flocking lends elegance as the lining for our jewelry chests. Don’t hesitate to inquire about personalized engraving on any box that strikes your fancy.

Handmade Wooden Pens

Handmade wooden pens recall the elegance of an earlier era, when writing instruments were valued for their gravitas and sense of balance between thumb and forefinger. Our collection draws from a striking array of natural colors, from white holly to Bethlehem olive. Or consider the pizzazz of tropical hardwoods arranged in a herringbone pattern. Our finishes include CA glue and oil, with friction polish bringing out the very heart of the forest. Some of our pens feature the Vineyard Details logo and the island outline of Martha’s Vineyard. For a more personalized writing instrument, ask about our laser engraving option.

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