• History of Box Making

    History of Box Making

    The History Of Wooden Chests And Storage Boxes From the earliest days, humans have furnished their dwellings with the items they needed to survive and over the centuries the wooden chest, storage boxes and  trunks have become the most common piece of furniture found in the home. Over time the simple storage chest has evolved into different styles and been modified for different uses:...
  • Where wood and art collide, magic happens

    Where wood and art collide, magic happens

    Eric Lakso of Vineyard Details  describes himself as more of a mechanic than an artist. The woodworker and designer of intricate, handmade wooden gifts.
  • About burls

    About burls

    About burls Some of the most beautiful wood grain and patterning is found in what can best be described as a wart on the tree. There's no getting around the fact that burls (or burrs, as they are called in other parts of the world) look kind of nasty.I haven't seen a convincing explanation of exactly why burls form, but some suggest it's a...
  • Handmade is the New American Manufacturing

    Handmade is the New American Manufacturing

    When you make something, you leave a part of yourself in it.
  • Handcrafted Wooden Treasures

    Handcrafted Wooden Treasures

    Handmade wooden pens recall the elegance of this bygone era
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