• Introduction to the lathe

    Introduction to the lathe

    Intro to the lathe
  • source of enjoyment and satisfaction

    WOOD TURNING – A SOURCE OF ENJOYMENT AND SATISFACTION I am not what some term a “production” wood turner.  This simply means, to me, that I do not derive my living wage from this activity.  More likely, I spend a good deal of my wage to support my habit by purchasing tools and materials.  Instead, I do this sort of work because I enjoy...
  • There's no better way to honor the occasion

    There's no better way to honor the occasion

    The Vineyard Details collection starts with domestic and tropical hardwoods. We combine ancient woodworking skills with hand-held high-tech tools to create objets d’art that serve a function.
  • Giving wooden gifts

    Giving wooden gifts

    Giving someone a gift is not an easy thing to do. Gifts need to be special and thoughtful and should reflect what the person likes. Even if you know the person there are chances that they may not like the gift or you can misread the sign. But, when it comes to Wooden gifts you can almost never go wrong. Handmade wood artwork is...
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