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Different pen types, explained: which is best for you?

Different pen types, explained: which is best for you? WHEN SHOPPING FOR A CUSTOM PEN, THERE ARE THREE DIFFERENT STYLES YOU MIGHT CONSIDER: BALLPOINTS, ROLLERBALLS, AND FOUNTAIN PENS. Each category has its own benefits and limitations, which are outlined below. Ballpoint Pens are the most common style of pen thanks to their versatility and cost-effectiveness. Most “regular” pens use ballpoint technology, so you are almost certainly familiar with this style of writing. Due to their design and the ink typically used in ballpoints, these pens are capable of writing effectively on a variety of different mediums and paper types. Celebrated for reliability, versatility, and functionality, ballpoints offer the best bang for the buck for an easy-to-use writing instrument. Because of...

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About burls

About burls Some of the most beautiful wood grain and patterning is found in what can best be described as a wart on the tree. There's no getting around the fact that burls (or burrs, as they are called in other parts of the world) look kind of nasty.I haven't seen a convincing explanation of exactly why burls form, but some suggest it's a tree's response to beetle damage, others say it's triggered by a fungus. Setting aside what the cause may be, the product is a bump on the tree trunk which may grow to be far larger than the diameter of the tree hosting it.Externally, it just looks like a big ugly bump.But open it up and look...

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