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About burls

About burls Some of the most beautiful wood grain and patterning is found in what can best be described as a wart on the tree. There's no getting around the fact that burls (or burrs, as they are called in other parts of the world) look kind of nasty.I haven't seen a convincing explanation of exactly why burls form, but some suggest it's a tree's response to beetle damage, others say it's triggered by a fungus. Setting aside what the cause may be, the product is a bump on the tree trunk which may grow to be far larger than the diameter of the tree hosting it.Externally, it just looks like a big ugly bump.But open it up and look...

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fountain pens are highly collectible

Both vintage and modern fountain pens are highly collectible as they subtly nod to the past and carry an unspoken connection to a bygone era. Fountain pen enthusiasts understand their many benefits, from smooth, crisp writing capabilities to their interchangeability in color, thickness, and weight. Whether you are adding to your collection of pens or using a fountain pen for the first time, be sure to explore all that these collectibles can offer when writing.

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How to Prepare New Calligraphy Nibs for Use

How to Prepare New Calligraphy Nibs for Use July 1, 2016 by Lindsey Bugbee 98 Comments Filed Under: Beginner’s Calligraphy, Calligraphy, Nibs, Tutorials Tagged With: calligraphy, supplies, tutorial Have you ever noticed that new calligraphy nibs can be a headache to use? The culprit is the manufacturer’s oils! Every manufacturer applies a finish to their nibs to ensure that the nibs stay in good condition while in storage. In this post, you’ll learn four ways to safely and efficiently remove the oils so your nibs write like a dream! Pinterest1K+ Facebook Twitter Reddit It’s a little-known fact that new calligraphy nibs come with the manufacturer’s oils still on them. The use of oil is necessary to ensure that nibs store well as they are waiting to be sold. That’s good news for...

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