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Giving wooden gifts

Giving someone a gift is not an easy thing to do. Gifts need to be special and thoughtful and should reflect what the person likes. Even if you know the person there are chances that they may not like the gift or you can misread the sign. But, when it comes to Wooden gifts you can almost never go wrong. Handmade wood artwork is one of the best gifting ideas for someone who is close to you or for the office. Here are some of the best reasons why woodwork makes for the best gifting ideas: Unique and Beautiful Wood artworks are beautiful and unique in many ways. Handmade wooden artwork like personalized boxes or bowl is unique and designed...

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Wooden art home decor ideas

Art works are one of the best home décor ideas. It shows how classic and tasteful your home is. People who appreciate and love art will always have something in their home like paintings, sculptures, and wall display. But, owning a wooden art work is something totally different. Wooden art works are one of the most popular types of home decors. Wood art works like personalized wooden boxes or Hand turned wooden bowls can make your home look beautiful and artful. If you want to make a great impression on your guests get a wood art. Whether you have your own house or rented apartment owning a wooden art work will make your living space come alive.Here are some of...

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Table Saw

TABLESAWSTablesaw outfeed with PVC rollersIn a one-man shop, ripping sheet goods and long lumber is difficult. I decided to solve this problem by building a roller extension on the back of my tablesaw. When I dis- covered that the commercially available rollers were a bit pricey, I went shopping. For a few bucks I bought a 10-ft. length of 11⁄2-in.-dia. PVC plumbing pipe, a short length of nylon bar stock, several lengths of 1⁄2-in.-dia. steel bar stock, and some angle iron.I made up four rollers by cutting lengths of the PVC and fitting each end of the pipe with bearings made from the nylon bar stock. I made axles from the 1⁄2-in.-dia. steel bar stock and drilled and tapped holes...

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